Catalyst Network of Communities: Agents of Change

Catalyst Network of Communities is an inspiring non-profit organization whose mission is “to provide tools for individuals and organizations that empower them to connect around shared interests and affect the broader community”.   United by common community values, this diverse, broad network consists of several collaborative partners, community groups, projects and events that promote strong relationships, understanding and contributions within the community.  From gardening and drumming, to teen empowerment and dance, Catalyst serves as an all-pervasive resource for motivated, passionate people looking to be an agent of change.  With use of  The Catalyst Space, the main office and hub, ideas are shared, shaped and shifted toward powerful endeavors amongst numerous groups and individuals.  Projects and events such as Green Long Beach!,  Urban Rhythm, The HUB Community Center, and more  began their start there.  The Catalyst Space also serves as home base for popular community groups such as One Imagination, Drum for Love, Long Beach Time Exchange, and of course, more

Eric Leocadio, the Founder, President, and Executive Director, was recently featured in a three-part interview with LB Post, offering an ardent, detailed view inside Catalyst and the journey of bridges built since 2006.  He gives an exclusive history of how everything began, and shares details about current and upcoming collaborative projects.  We could tell you more, but if you’re inspired by dedicated, compassionate, creative people making a REAL difference, we invite you to read the interviews about this dynamic “socialpreneur” and learn more about Catalyst at  SolShock is a proud collaborative partner with Catalyst Network of Communities.

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