Celebrating Creative ReUse Day

We’re proud to support the first ever Creative ReUse Day Sunday, February 27 hosted by The Long Beach Depot for Creative ReUse.  This block party event, sponsored by Pepsi Refresh, celebrates community and the creative use of recycled and used materials.  Lisa Hernandez, store owner and visionary in the East Village Arts District, hopes to inspire everyone to hold a greater appreciation for material items and value the many uses.  

Lisa aims to unify the community through green and creative endeavors and shares more about her values and organization’s goals in this insightful interview with GreenLB.  The Creative ReUse Day celebration will be held from 12-5pm at 320 Elm Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802.  Learn more about the crafts, activities, sponsors and goodies featured at this event on  Facebook

 Photos by Cory Lundquist.

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