Bringing Dance to the People April 9

In December 2010, Dancing With Long Beach (DWLB) set out for a yearlong series of semi-impromptu dance performances in public spaces throughout the city of Long Beach.   Since then, various contemporary dance companies and collectives have joined DWLB in “bringing dance to the people” with monthly dance demonstrations in places like Belmont Shore, Birdcage Coffehouse, The Pike and more.  

On Saturday, April 9, DWLB will present The Art and Diversity of Dance: an evening of dance performances, visual art and live music in collaboration with Lyons Art Supply and the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.  With this event, DWLB organizers hope to showcase the network of local dancers, generate more support for the art of dance in the community, and promote the 2012 Dancing With Long Beach Dance Festival.  A variety of dance styles will be featured including Salsa, Capoeira, Hmong cultural dance, and more.  For more details and information, visit

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