SolShock Q&A with Singer-Songwriter Cory Joseph

Independent artists abound in Long Beach, CA.  But no one does rock, folk and blues like Cory Joseph Clark, Singer/Songwriter/Musician  and host of a new weekly songwriter showcase The Hum House.  

SolShock:  What inspired your latest project?

Cory: My latest project was my EP “Throwing Stones”. This one was a 1st for me in a few different ways.  It’s the first one I’ve recorded/engineered, and produced myself.  I tracked everything in my room on my little lap top, (except live drums) and sent it off to be mixed by someone else. “Throwing Stones” is a collection of personal songs that is laid out in a folky/bluesy kind of vibe. Lots of guitars, textures, and harmonies. You can get it at  along with my 1st EP.

SolShock:  What makes you radiant? 

Cory: I’m not sure what makes me radiant . . . I’d like to think that I can be.  But I do know what makes me feel radiant. I am in love with performing live and getting in that moment where there is only the song and nothing else. Only music, and it starts to feel unclear if it’s coming out of me or I am going into it.  That is magic.  Whether  I’m playing my own music, or playing with a band or another artist, I just  want to totally fall into it. That is always the goal for me.  To disappear into the song. And to be completely honest.

SolShock: What was your latest personal happy discovery?

Cory:  I’ve been happy to discover more local acoustic singer/songwriters right here in Long Beach, and nearby. I started a weekly Wednesday night singer/songwriters showcase here in LB @ Sipology on Broadway and Temple (2771 E Broadway Long Beach)  It’s called THE HUM HOUSE.  It’s not an open mic, it’s myself and 2 other artists playing our music in 30 minute sets each week.  It is made for songwriter/performers to come and share their music in a cool environment. It’s free and all ages.  I’ve met and made some new friends with some great talent around the area.  I really like getting artists and people together.  Visit for details.  Just click on THE HUM HOUSE tab.

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