Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners:

Chris Robertson Photography

Chris Robertson – one of the best photographers we know – period.  We’re excited to have him as a partner, offering exclusive promotional photo packages for our clients.  View his latest shots and blog posts at





Catalyst Network of Communities is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is “to provide tools for individuals and organizations that empower them to connect around shared interests and affect the broader community”.   United by common community values, this diverse, broad network consists of several collaborative partners, community groups, projects and events that promote strong relationships, understanding and contributions within the community.  From gardening and drumming, to teen empowerment and dance, Catalyst serves as an all-pervasive resource for motivated, passionate people looking to be an agent of change. Learn more at

The Armchair Generals are an unsigned Electronic/Down-Tempo/Soulful House band from Long Beach, CA.  Since 2006, they’ve made it their mission to win attention and captivate music lovers with their infectious sound. 

The AG’s have released three albums available on iTunes and CD Baby and are currently working on their fourth album to be released in spring 2011. Look for their uptempo tune, “Way Out”, on the October 2010 “What Is Good Music” compilation CD produced by Fusicology, along with recent interviews and articles in Live Long Beach Magazine,  562 City, LB, and  Hear music and learn more at

Symphonic Orchestration Universal Life – Odwaun

S.O.U.L.- O. (born Odwaun Dandridge) is a widely admired multi-genre music producer, turntablist, and MC from Long Beach, CA.  An absorber of sound and inspired by all music styles, S.O.U.L.- O  is recurrently sought-after for eye-catching turntablism, original music production, reworks, remixes, and live DJing.  He reaches all music genres in his production and has worked with numerous well-known and rising artists throughout Long Beach and LA including Tash (The Alkaholiks), Precise Science, Rashondra Angelle, Kelly Love Jones, Majic Bullet Theory, and many more. 


S.O.U.L.- O’s career spans 19 years and he’s currently promoting the 10th installment of his “Migraines Uv Melodies” Instrumental Mixtape, “My Soul Apotheosis”.  He holds three residencies including “Slow Burn Tuesdays” at Puka Bar and is constantly called to DJ at community and private events.  Take a sonic ride and get up-to-the-minute news about his latest downloadable mixes, upcoming gigs, and events at


LBCreative! is a collaboration of artists and organizations working together to strengthen the arts and culture in Long Beach, CA.   The group is well-known throughout the city as a resource for events, artist referrals, event production, event management, volunteers, outreach and more.   SolShock partners with LBCreative! through event production, promotion, and PR.  LBCreative! is part of the Catalyst Community network, a non-profit organization that connects and affects!  Visit to learn more.









The Infinite Yoga

The Infinite Yoga is a new yoga and sacred movement center located at 517 Pine Ave. in downtown Long Beach, CA 90802.  This donation-based give what you can, take what you need center offers classes with the community in mind.  SolShock partners with The Infinite through dance and PR .   Visit to learn more about their healing arts programs, whole life care, yoga, dance, events, and raw food!