Michael Pinckney’s Hip Hop Thriller ‘You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Kills You’

Just in time for Halloween, emerging film director Michael Pinckney introduces his brand new Hip Hop Horror‘You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Kills You’.  Inspired by the rap industry’s fascination with death and violence, Pinckney explores why some rappers become more famous after they die.

Neither docudrama nor comedy, this action-packed thriller stars Hip Hop legends Doug E. Fresh, Greg Nice, and Big Daddy Kane with the one and only Spike Lee as Executive Producer.  Join SolShock and MusicUNTOLD for an exclusive Preview and Discussion with the up-and-coming film director Saturday, October 29 at 3pm.  The event will be held at 757 Cafe & Bakery located at 757 Pine Ave. LB 90813 (corner of 8th and Pine).  Seating is limited – please RSVP at info@solshock.com.  Watch the trailer and learn more in this insightful interview.

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Fashion Meets Future at IGNITE THE RUNWAY Show 10.21.11

This Friday, we’re putting our best foot forward and kicking the weekend off with a true fashion-forward event.  We’ve been invited to attend IGNITE The Runway Show by Kelly Meade from The Ladies of Greatness Productions.  This fashion show promises to be sizzling hot with a host of emerging fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists and more. The dress code suggests upscale attire – we’ll be bringing our radiance. See you on the red carpet Friday, October 21 at 8pm. Learn more about IGNITE here.

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SolShock Believes in Z

There is so much to say about this band.  For now, we’ll let the music speak for itself.  Download ARIZE – The Prequel www.ibelieveinz.com

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Celebrate the New Full-Length Album from The Potential Lunatics!

The much anticipated debut album “Well Trained Youngsters” from The Potential Lunatics is here!  Join the Punk duo for their record release party Wednesday, June 29 at The Expo from 6 p.m.-10:30 p.m.  Meet bandmembers Emma and Isaac, enjoy live music, games, food and more.  Learn more here. 

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SolShock Q&A with Teen Photographer and Artist Bree Redman

With big dreams and even greater potential, Labree Redman holds a magic plan for a successful future.  This 15-year-old mogul in the making is an artist, photographer, dancer and entrepreneur, with a budding production company and exciting new projects.  Also known as “Bree”, this teenage tycoon heads LaBree Productions and Magic2Miracles – two creative endeavors with positive roots.  She manages multiple events and business projects, all while maintaining excellent grades and a relentless drive.

SolShock: What inspired your latest project?

Bree: Statues inspired my latest project. I wanted to portray the elegance of the modern statues we see today. On my website, www.labreeproductionsm2m.webs.com , there is a picture of a model gazing out the window. In ancient times, people stared outside to escape their problems when they were worried.  I also wanted to portray a suicidal overdose because I wanted people to know that just because you’re going through hard times and you feel like you can’t handle it, suicide isn’t the way to handle things.  I saw this pose on one of my family members site,”Kaye Carson” www.Krissy2KayeKreations.com.

SolShock: What makes you radiant?

Bree:  I believe what makes me radiant is that I do more than just photography!  The other talents that I have is that I’m a Praise Dancer, I do choreography, Graphic Design, and lastly, Websites.  I do all of this and I’m only 15. When I get out of high school I want to go to college and major in Photography and Minor in Performing Arts!.

SolShock: What was your most recent happy discovery?

Bree: My most recent Happy Discovery,Was while I was doing a Shoot, I noticed that if you shoot the model sometimes with a slight angle, your pictures will turn out better than a horizontal or vertical angle!

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It’s Time To Smash! SolShock Q&A with Gia Scott-Heron

For over a decade, she has stood strong as an Artist and leading Poet, performing at L.A.’s most favored Spoken Word venues. Affectionately known as “Miss Gia”, Poetess/Author/Songwriter Gia Scott-Heron prepares for a special poetry slam honoring her legendary father, Gil Scott-Heron, on June 16.  Armed with endearing new poems, heartfelt songs, and a fresh perspective, she’s ready to step to the mic and rise as usual.  We asked her how she felt about performing so soon after his passing.  Beaming with love and inspiration, she simply stated, “It’s time to smash!”

SolShock:  What inspired  your latest project? 

Gia:  My latest project is my CD (still an ongoing process).  It’s called “Different from the Majority” and it’s all about setting myself a part from other artists, including my phenomenal Father!  It unearths the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I also express what I think is good about me, and unique about me in a positive way.  It’s the stuff I wanted to say, but didn’t get a chance to in my last album.  I wanted to express that even though I am Gil Scott-Heron’s daughter, I am not Gil Scott-Heron himself!  He is a legend in his own right, and now is the time for me to branch off from that foundation.  They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I don’t see myself as that apple.  Rather, I see myself as a strong limb branching off from the tree trunk that my Father grew out of his own literary genius!  I hope that makes sense.  I am a part of him, as he will always be a part of me, but I am still my own distinct entity…so maybe I am the apple…lol!  But I still feel very closely connected to my Father and his messages of working for peace and for freedom (real freedom as opposed to the illusion of freedom).  I’m also looking to have fun with this album.  The first album (entitled “Souletree”) was a learning curve.  This time, I’m ready to cut loose and play around with stuff!

SolShock:  What makes you radiant?

Gia:  I think what makes me radiant is my smile, and my inner strength.  If you look at me, I’m this skinny little thing, but I’m like an ant dude, I can withstand A LOT!  What makes me radiant, is that I always keep finding reasons to smile . . . and that stuff’s contagious (smiling).  It’s contagious in a good way!

SolShock: What was your most recent happy discovery?

Gia: My last happy discovery was finding out how blessed I am to be surrounded by such good friends and family.  Without them, I would not have been able to recover from learning of my Father’s recent passing, and then having to write his obituary and make arrangements for Memorial Services!  I am so thankful that everyone kept praying for me, and sending me positive energy, and just . . .BEING there for me!  Really being there, and letting me rant, and vent, and rage, and cry, and do whatever else I was feeling.  That’s when you need your friends and family the most, when you lose someone.  To know that I am blessed with true friendship and a wonderful family . . . that is a VERY happy discovery!

Thursday, June 16 

8:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

The Damn Slam hosted by
Damnyo, featuring Gia Scott-Heron and guests.

The Attic Theatre
5429 Washington Blvd. LA, CA 90016 Email for more info: Damnmoviesnslam@yahoo.com.  For upcoming poetry events, news, music and more Visit Miss Gia’s website.

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“Ignite Change” at the 2011 Green Long Beach! Festival

Along with dedicated individuals, vibrant community groups, local non-profits and businesses, Green Long Beach! collectively streams their efforts toward a greener city.  Join them Saturday, June 11 for the 2011 Green Long Beach! Festival from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. at The Promenade.  This event features live music and art, a fiery performance from Sirena Serpentina,  a Green market, educational workshops and more.  This is the third festival produced by the collaborative community who strives to promote environmental awareness. Visit www.greenlb.org.

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SolShock Q&A with Singer-Songwriter Cory Joseph

Independent artists abound in Long Beach, CA.  But no one does rock, folk and blues like Cory Joseph Clark, Singer/Songwriter/Musician  and host of a new weekly songwriter showcase The Hum House.  

SolShock:  What inspired your latest project?

Cory: My latest project was my EP “Throwing Stones”. This one was a 1st for me in a few different ways.  It’s the first one I’ve recorded/engineered, and produced myself.  I tracked everything in my room on my little lap top, (except live drums) and sent it off to be mixed by someone else. “Throwing Stones” is a collection of personal songs that is laid out in a folky/bluesy kind of vibe. Lots of guitars, textures, and harmonies. You can get it at   www.coryjosephclark.bandcamp.com  along with my 1st EP.

SolShock:  What makes you radiant? 

Cory: I’m not sure what makes me radiant . . . I’d like to think that I can be.  But I do know what makes me feel radiant. I am in love with performing live and getting in that moment where there is only the song and nothing else. Only music, and it starts to feel unclear if it’s coming out of me or I am going into it.  That is magic.  Whether  I’m playing my own music, or playing with a band or another artist, I just  want to totally fall into it. That is always the goal for me.  To disappear into the song. And to be completely honest.

SolShock: What was your latest personal happy discovery?

Cory:  I’ve been happy to discover more local acoustic singer/songwriters right here in Long Beach, and nearby. I started a weekly Wednesday night singer/songwriters showcase here in LB @ Sipology on Broadway and Temple (2771 E Broadway Long Beach)  It’s called THE HUM HOUSE.  It’s not an open mic, it’s myself and 2 other artists playing our music in 30 minute sets each week.  It is made for songwriter/performers to come and share their music in a cool environment. It’s free and all ages.  I’ve met and made some new friends with some great talent around the area.  I really like getting artists and people together.  Visit www.coryjosephclark.com for details.  Just click on THE HUM HOUSE tab.

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They’re Back! Armchair Generals Live at The Mezz June 4

Nu-Soul Magazine kicks off another ART+ SOUL event Saturday, June 4, featuring a live performance by the Soul/Electronic/Downtempo band Armchair Generals.  The AG’s will join Seattle-based indie artist Choklate in the line up, along with special guest DJs, Art and more.  If you haven’t seen the Armchair Generals live, don’t miss this show!  Visit Nu-Soul for details. 

Catch the latest news, videos and tracks from their latest EP “The Armchair Generals” and their soulfully delicious debut album “The Lunchbox” here.  


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1st Collaborative Autism Summer Picnic

What do local skateboarders, BMXer’s, Autism in Long Beach, Skatedogs, LB Skate, ASK Long Beach and Autism Youth Sports League have in common?  They’re all partnering to host the 1st Collaborative Autism Summer Picnic Sunday, June 12 at Bixby Park.   This family friendly event will include a mobile skatepark and skateboard jam, live music, workshops, guest speakers and more.   Organizers hope the event will promote autism awareness and foster compassion, patience and empathy for children with autism.  View the full press release here.   A fundraiser for the event will take place June 6 from 4pm-8pm at Super Mex in Belmont Shore.  Visit Autism In Long Beach

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